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Hosting MDAS members at D-CAF for an integrated swallowing therapy + lifestyle experience!
Demonstrating a FEES procedure with an ENT specialist at a laryngology conference at SGH.
Food samples on display for our D-CAF Plate Off (Plating competition)
Sharing about the management of swallowing difficulties with the doctors at Gleneagles Hospital.
Enjoying a meal despite their feeding tube- Yes it is possible!
Proud to have organised the first dysphagia restaurant event in Singapore. Thank you to Health Food Matters and Cookyn-Inc for making this happen!
So happy to receive a $60K grant from raiSE Singapore to support our D-CAF programme.
Honored to be invited to speak at an international laryngology conference held at SGH.
Speech Therapists at D-CAF's Plate Off competition! Who knew Speech Therapists could be so creative with food plating!
Who says swallowing therapy has to be done at home or in the hospital? Having a delicious feeding session with my patient in Marina Bay Sands!
Ensuring a guest is eating safely
Channel News Asia interview with my patient
A scene from Channel News Asia's documentary 'Savouring The Future'
Filming for Channel 8 drama ‘Reach for the skies’ So excited for this opportunity to finally bring Speech Therapy to mainstream TV!
The scene where the main character regains his voice after voice therapy. Thank you Mediacorp for this opportunity to showcase Speech Therapy on Channel 8!
Honoured to be invited as a speaker at a regional conference to share my views on new approaches to manage dysphagia.
Celebrating a patient's birthday, he was so happy to be able to eat his birthday cake!