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100% Passion

We are extremely passionate about what we do and we want to use this passion to encourage, motivate and help our clients improve to the best of their potential.

Years of Acute Hospital Experience

Our many years of acute hospital experience with many challenging and severe cases have taught us to fight, persevere and not give up on our patients.

Going Beyond Therapy

We are not just providing therapy, we are here to understand our patients, build a bond with them, and genuinely care for them and their families.

Fun Sessions

Our sessions are enjoyable and we want to create a positive atmosphere during the treatment.

Meet the Team


After my elderly mum suffered a stroke that left her speech inaudible and frustrated, we engaged Kharenee to help. Amazingly she was able to coax her to participate in her game. She also studied her throat and cognitive abilities, give us dietary tips and advice on communications with her. Kharenee is patient, kind and empathetic. My family has benefited from her professional training and experience. My mum’s speech has regained some measure of clarity, thanks to her effort.
Mr Chow, son of Mrs Tan (88 years, post stroke, aphasia & dysphagia)
My husband Edlin had a mild stroke and lost his speech and through a friend we were introduced to Ms Kharenee Koh. She was very patient and loving who attended to Edlin. Though we had her for only for a month and Edlin showed some improvements.Appreciate her for dedication.
Daisy, wife of Dr Abraham (80 years, post stroke, aphasia)

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