Testimonials from Adult Patients​

I was looking to correct a lisp which I had since childhood. It was initially expected to be a long drawn, slow, and uncomfortable process to engage with.
Suprisingly, the process was much smoother than anticipated. Zhiying is fantastic.

She is motivating, fun, and kind. Made navigating an uncomfortable process easy and helped boost progress to be much faster than expected. Would definitely recommend her to others that are going through the same thing.

Mr V. N.
(Age 25)

After my elderly mum suffered a stroke that left her speech inaudible and frustrated, we engaged Kharenee to help. Amazingly she was able to coax her to participate in her game. She also studied her throat and cognitive abilities, give us dietary tips and advice on communications with her.
Kharenee is patient, kind and empathetic. My family has benefited from her professional training and experience. My mum’s speech has regained some measure of clarity, thanks to her effort.

Mr Chow, son of Mrs Tan
(88 years, post stroke, aphasia & dysphagia)


My husband Edlin had a mild stroke and lost his speech and through a friend we were introduced to Ms Kharenee Koh. She was very patient and loving who attended to Edlin. Though we had her for only for a month and Edlin showed some improvements.Appreciate her for dedication.

Daisy, wife of Dr Abraham
(80 years, post stroke, aphasia)


Testimonials from Parents

We went to AST for Jasmine's weekly speech therapy. Our therapist, Ms Ying, was very friendly and cheerful. Ms. Ying gave us tips and exercises to practise at home. We could see some improvement after her second visit and we're so happy!

Azirah (mother of Jasmine, 2 years 8 months)

My daughter Enaaya (3 years old) has been going to Kharenee since November 2020 due to her problems with stuttering. Kharenee is amazing with her, she managed to bring down her stutter to an extremely mild level. My daughter absolutely loves her and enjoys the time we spend together. Kharenee is always available to answer my questions and help me with Enaaya’s program. 
When we came back to Indonesia in Jan, Enaaya started to stutter again and it was quite severe this time. Kharenee spent 45 minutes with her on Telehope and guided me through the process in order for her to recover. And with her help, Enaaya is no longer stuttering again! I’ve asked Kharenee to stay with us longer and to have regular sessions with her for continuity and in order for her not to relapse.

We absolutely adore Kharenee and cannot recommend her enough! Thank you for everything that you all do. It changes peoples lives for sure! Kharenee has absolutely changed ours - for the better!

Paviter (mother of Enaaya -3 years old, stuttering)